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Trash and Clash

Trash and Clash comics are some of the oldest characters I have kept drawing all these years. Their origins stem from childhood when I was only 6 years old and drew a purple duck who loved corn and named him Clash. Trash was created when I was 14 yrs old and the first time I combined them as a unlikely friendship began shortly after that.


There are probably more than 7 sketch books FULL of Trash and Clash comics but most of them are so old and unbearably drawn bad that they have never seen light. The characters however have survived and grown from the early years and their pencil comic stories survive.

The comics consist of self-enclosed stories of Trash, the murderous 6ft mutant chicken with teeth, and Clash the cute innocent duck with bright purple feathers. Together this unlikely duo survive a cruel world where neither of them are excepted or liked by society, but can still find some happiness though their own friendship and company.

** Please note Trash and Clash comics are intended for teens and adults as it has blood, violence, and gore

that may not be suitable for kids. **

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