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Skitzo Comics

Skitzo Bakes a Cake

A special comic book that was made for the Latino Comics Expo in San Jose 2014. This extra large format comic was magazine sized and in full color. Only 35 copies were produced and its been "out of print" ever since.

The comic's plot was simple...Skitzo in Hell finds a recipe book in "Hell's Kitchen" on how to bake a cake. But don't be fooled this book is NOT for what transpires is a crazy Hellish adventure through the underworld as Skitzo tries to find the ingredients requested in the book and Skitzo is not exactly stable and improvisation occurs along the way.

This book is now only available for reading as a digital comic book on my web store:

Page Previews

In The Dark -Issue 2: Idolatry

In the 2nd issue of In The Dark, Skitzo is introduced to the story. Fibble wanders Hell and runs into the demon of mass consumerism: Idolatry!

Skitzo appears when he sees Fibble on the temple of Idolatry and gives Fibble as Sacrifice to Idolatry. He knows better then to eat souls that belong to a larger demon like Idolatry...but when a young newly damned weeaboo escapes Idolatry's lair...that is FREE GAME for the picking!

Issue 2 was Skitzo' debut in the comic book series. And makes a small cameo in Issue 3. Since Skitzo is a wanderer he can be seen anywhere in Hell (as explained in the fine art gallery paintings).

Online Comics and Art

You can usually read random online Skitzo comics and see Skitzo art on and Skitzo's Official Instagram page. Click Below

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