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Character Bios

SKitzO The 1920s Killer Bear

Skitzo is a cartoon with a mysterious history. No one is quite sure WHO created Skitzo and why his cartoons appeared in theaters in the 1920s to kill thousands of innocent viewers. The only one who really knows who is Skitzo's creator is SKITZO and he is a silent character. That being said, he can somewhat "talk" via a bunch of static sounds and broken human can understand him, but the demons in Hell are able to decipher his demonic language just fine.

Skitzo is a bear. To be specific, he is a Sun Bear. They are tropical bears that live in secluded parts of Asia and are very rare. Skitzo's design elements are based around the actual features of the Sun Bear.


Click this sloppy pencil comic that explains it in a bit more detail:

Skitzo's first appearances were in 2006 in a series of large acrylic paintings that depicted landscapes of Hell. He delights in watching the pain and suffering of others and he would appear as a spectator in many scenes of these pieces. The painting were featured in fine art galleries across California and Nevada. Most notably in The Galería de la Raza in San Francisco and the MOLAA (Museum of Latin American Art) in Long Beach, CA. These paintings on average are about 8 ft tall and 12 ft long.

Skitzo later starred in the comic book series "In The Dark" where he currently resides in the story line. He wanders Hell having fun and killing people condemned to torture for eternity.

But there is one character who Skitzo is forever fixated on...a little dog who cannot seem to stay DEAD.

The Little Dog

In Skitzo's 1920s cartoons there existed a little dog...because no one has discovered his real name and it has been lost to history, we refer to him as "The Little Dog". The Little Dog appears in almost every Skitzo cartoon that was created and becomes a victim to Skitzo's grisly murders, but he always comes back in each episode alive and well as if he has never seen Skitzo before (although some have argued that he does indeed know who is Skitzo!)

After all the Skitzo shorts were burned and Skitzo was send back to Hell to wander the landscape, it is seen that The Little Dog was also sent to Hell and to this day still runs from his eternal killer Skitzo.

The Little Dog is small and somewhat childlike in nature and sports brown shorts and shoes. He usually speaks in pictures and images, but in the old shorts can speak in sentences as well. His cartoon was in a silent era though, so we don't know what his voice actually sounds like, or if he has a voice at all.

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