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Character Bios


Fibble is one UNLUCKY MAN...

For the past five years nothing has been normal for Fibble. Through an unexpected accident, he has been cursed for life with a demon servant. This might seem like fun, except Fibble cannot command him to do anything, his living room furniture is always stained with blood, and and no matter how he tries to live a normal life he is plagued with nightmares and unwanted paranormal evils creeping through his home.


And to top if off, this demon is no ordinary demon...Fibble has been cursed with SIN, the demon of all evils...

Quick fun facts: 

  • Fibble was only 19 and fresh into college when he got cursed with Sin (and he dropped out of college soon after). In the story and current time line he is now 23, meaning he has already lived with Sin for about 5 years by the time the main comic book series begins.


  • Despite the fact that Sin is supposed to be Fibble's servant and slave...Fibble is a coward and spineless and thus has no strength to actually enforce any commands, so Sin does not obey him. In fact the only command Fibble ever seems to get Sin to obey is to make him a strawberry smoothie. As a result, Fibble orders them all the time to drink (to Sin's anger and dismay).


  • Fibble was not born with one yellow eye. He has a condition called Heterochromia eye, which is when an accident or injury to the pupil makes it lose color and turn pale yellow or white. Fibble suffered an accident in his past that injured his eye so badly it never healed up and turned yellow. You can guess who was responsible for this accident...


  • Fibble's birthday is March 15th. The term "Ides of March" refers to March 15th as the day Rome fell and Caesar was murdered. So now that day in superstition is the "Day of Doom and Unluckiness". Perhaps not a good sign that Fibble was also born on this day!


  • Fibble is highly addicted to coffee and drinks several cups a day. He finally decides to quit after considering that cutting back might improve his sleep. Then he falls into Hell in Issue #1 haha, so much for sleep!

  • Fibble is actually a pretty good cook. And if his life had not veered out of control from getting cursed, he probably would have excelled as a high class chef. Instead now he makes minimum wage rolling/cooking pizza at Pasta Joe's Pizza Parlor.


  • Fibble used to kill and feed Sin black lamb dinners to appease his murdering ways. But as the price and rarity of black lamb started to climb in the city, Fibble had to stop for financial reasons. Now Sin preys on humans and city folk for his meals and Fibble feels really guilty about it.


Sin is no ORDINARY demon....

Sin is the Demon of all Evils. Sin was once huge and vastly powerful Demon. Before the creation of the universe he was the Darkness that ruled over everything and delighted in the misery and pain of all things...but when a being of light named God decided to step in and ruin his chaotic fun, a fight began! A massive battle between them shook the cosmos and created the Big Bang that we know today, allowing the universe to grow and bring about it things like peace, joy and love. Sin was weakened and lost a lot of his power after the fight and he was striped of several pieces of his body...lost and hidden away. Sin was left fuming for a rematch that he could not win. So he created HELL as a new domain and the SINS, mega demons responsible for collecting the light of souls so that Sin may eat them and weaken God's hopes of one day having another match and plunging the world back into Darkness.

But that's not what Instead, Sin fell even further. He lost a poker game with the Devil which stripped him of his rule over Hell! And then to make it worse, in his lowest moment, a freak accident occurred where he was reduced to a tiny form and cursed to live with a HUMAN in an apartment in New York City. SIN pines for the day he can get rid of Fibble and this stupid curse, he hates the universe for its very existence and he loathes the fact that he, SIN, the demon of all evils is now commanded to make strawberry smoothies for a puny pathetic little human...the best he can do now is make Fibble's life a living Hell and hope for the day Fibble dies and he will be freed of this prison.

Quick Fun Facts:

  • Sin actually has no ears. The two long "ear" things on his head are actually tendril appendages. In the past when he was huge, he had two very long twisted horns and these tendrils are those horns...but in his smaller condensed state they just look like rabbit-snake ears. On occasion when he's very mad you see them turn back into horns though.

  • Sin created all the SINS of Hell using 3 elements. One part of himself, something human made, and an animal. For example Gluttony was created from Sin's stomach acid, a decaying pig carcass with worms, and coffee. Promiscuous was made from Sin's semen, rats, and ropes (which was upgraded to electronic wires later on). Idolatry was made from shaving of Sins Horn, a bull, and a leather/gold saddle (which was upgraded to a kawaii cat toy in modern times). I have a book with all the Sins and their built elements, but none of this info will probably ever be used in the comics. 


  • Sin's design was inspired by many real animals. Some of them include: A snake, a steer, a rat, a greyhound, and an angler fish.

  • Sin changes sizes all the time. He can be as small as a hamster, a cat, or a human, but he usually sticks to the size of a medium-sized dog. When he is angry he can be the size of a bear or even larger! Piss him off really bad and he can stretch to the size of a house or large jet. Fibble has never seen him that large though.


  • Back when I was first designing Sin and the curse to Fibble, he used to have an irremovable collar. This collar was his binding to Fibble. But over time, I got tired of drawing the collar so it was removed and never put into the story. There are only sketches in my old books of Sin wearing this collar.


  • Sin's blood is where evil birds come from. If a drop ever touches the ground, 3 birds spawn there. When Sin lost his battle with God (and later the Devil), the massive amount of blood that came from those wounds created the MILLIONS of evil birds that now roam all of Hell.


  • Sin used to be cream color when I first designed him. But I kept forgetting what tone of cream he was every time I colored him and gave up and made him white furred (with pink tones). I think it was a better choice since blood showed up on sins fur more prominently because of the change. 


  • Sin's room in Fibble's house is littered with human skulls about 2ft deep. When he is too full from eating the blood and meat of that day's murders, he goes to this room and shapes the skulls into a bed pile and passes out for several hours. Fibble is always worried one day someone is going to discover this room and have him arrested. 

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