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Skitzo the 1920's Killer Bear

** Please note Skitzo cartoons and comics are intended for teens and adults as it has graphic and disturbing imagery, blood, violence, demons, and lots of creepy stuff

that may not be suitable for kids. **

Created in 2008, Skitzo the 1920's Killer Bear has been a popular character since his introduction to In The Dark and the lore that has built up over the past 13+ years.

The idea is that Skitzo was a cartoon in the 1920's that played in theaters across the US, but the shorts were so demonic that if viewers ever watched a FULL short, they went insane and killed themselves and others.


As a result all copies of his classic cartoons were collected and burned, erasing his history forever and sending Skitzo back to Hell where he now wanders. Skitzo delights in the taboos and perverse elements of humanity and his sadistic and masochistic antics have made him notorious in Hell where he is know as "The Eye of the Pervert".

Readers were first introduced to Skitzo in the 2nd issue of "In The Dark" where he is found wandering around Idolatry's lair, catching victims and sending them to be tortured in the pits of Idolatry's minions.

Since then, I have been animating flash cartoons of Skitzo the Bear's 1920s cartoons that are meant as small windows into his backstory and created to look like "lost" burnt animations that historians are "recovering" in scraps...revealing bits of this twisted demon's past cartoons. 

Check out the other tabs for character bios, his animations, and the previous comics and art that Skitzo has starred in.

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