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About the Artist

Crystal Gonzalez

Crystal Gonzalez is a Mexican-American (Chicana) who grew up in NV and resided in the SF Bay area for the past 11 yrs. She graduated with a BA at the University of Nevada and earned her Masters (MFA) at The California College of the Arts. She is best known for her indie published graphic novel, “In The Dark”. The series is about a man named Fibble and his demon named Sin who embark on a wild journey through a Hell that has modernized itself to stay relevant in society. Fraught with demons who are addicted to Starbucks, use GPS systems, and love the internet; this dark comedy takes a satirical edge at religions, social mores, and modern culture.


Her other comic works are Trash and Clash, Skitzo the 1920s Killer Bear, and S.A.H.U the Super Android Hero Unit. She is actively drawing the 5th issue to her graphic novel “In The Dark”. Crystal is also seeking to publish the first volume of S.A.H.U -my sci-fi drama web comic into a printed comic book. In addition to cartooning, Crystal Gonzalez is a 2D animator and the creator of the popular cartoon series “Skitzo the 1920’s Killer Bear”. Her works have been featured at the Charles Schulz Museum, MOLAA - The Museum of Latin American Art, and The Galeria de la Raza in San Francisco. Crystal is also a fine artist and creates large scale surreal graphic acrylic paintings that she has exhibited in galleries around California and in the Bay Area.



  • Gonzalez was featured as a guest cartoonist at the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa (2016).

  • Guest speaker at the Latino Comics Expo for the “Latina Power: female in comics” panel (2016).

  • Guest moderator for the “Latino in Comic Business” panel at CXC (2017).

  • Launched her web-comic “S.A.H.U- The Super Android Hero Unit” on (2017)

  • Became a contributing artist to the comic anthology “Tales From la Vida -A Latinx Comics Anthology” (2018).

  • Guest artist at Women's Night Comic feature (Mission Comics, SF) 2018

  • Crystal was honored to be the Head Curator of the (LCX) Latino Animation Festival in San Francisco (Alamo Draft house Cinema) and the 3rd year event in 2020 in Las Vegas (Maya Cinemas)



  • “Gringosincrasias”. Author: Emma Sepulveda, Illustrated by: Crystal Gonzalez. Published 2008. Republished 2011 by Asterion Inc, Chile. 775.784.6193 EXT.322


  • “Sins: Art and the Act of Transgression”. Author: Crystal Gonzalez. Published 2010. The biographical background and paintings of Crystal Gonzalez explores its comparison to the theories of philosopher Georges Bataille and contemporary art.


  • “In The Dark”- Issue1: Gluttony. Author: Crystal Gonzalez Published graphic novel 2010.  Issue 1, 36 pages.


  • “Trash and Clash mini #1”. Author: Crystal Gonzalez Published Zine 2012. Issue 1, 16 pages.


  • “In The Dark”- Issue2: Idolatry. Author: Crystal Gonzalez Published graphic novel 2013. Issue 2, 48 pages.


  • “Skitzo Bakes A Cake”. Author: Crystal Gonzalez Published Graphic Novel 2014. Issue 1, 16 pages.


  • “In The Dark”-Issue 3: Promiscuous. Author: Crystal Gonzalez Published graphic novel 2018. Issue 3, 48 pages.


  • “Tales From la Vida-A Latinx Comics Anthology”. Author: Frederick Luis Aldama. Contributing Comic Artist: Crystal Gonzalez. Published Sep 2018. Ohio State University Press. 184 pages.


  • “The Baylies” Anthology. Author: Lawrence Lindell. Contributing Comic Artist: Crystal Gonzalez. Published 2019. Zine. 25 pgs.

  • “In The Dark”-Issue 4: Intoxication. Author: Crystal Gonzalez Published graphic novel 2022. Issue 4, 56 pages.

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