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S.A.H.U - the Super Android Hero Unit


S.A.H.U the Super Android Hero Unit was created when I was only 12 yrs old. His wild character design is testament to that! But from the crude and simple versions he came from in my young sketch books, rose a super hero robot sci-fi epic that questions our roles in society and the concepts of free will.

The story begins far in the future on a ghetto and lawless Earth. The planet has been overrun with criminals, killers and has become an intergalactic hangout for space outlaws. The story begins when a scientist builds an android designed to beat up and rid the planet of these unwelcome guests in hopes of bringing the planet back to peace and calm. But something goes wrong with the android when it is discovered he is actually pacifistic in nature and would rather not kill or destroy anything. S.A.H.U however has a very strong programming function that forces him to jump into attack mode when danger appears and destroy the threat. S.A.H.U battles not only the bad guys in his world but his own programming as he wants to stop the fighting for good..despite his creators wishes!

S.A.H.U's comics were originally drawn in pencil comics in my sketch books but I have been slowly redrawing them into a color webcomic and have future plans to make it a printed comic book series.

Check out the other tabs for character bios, and a link to his online comics.

** Please note S.A.H.U  comics are intended for teens and adults as it has blood, violence, and gore that may not be suitable for kids. **

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