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Character Bios

S.A.H.U -The Super Android hero unit

S.A.H.U is a super android created by a scientist (also know as The Creator) with the purpose of being a killer mech droid that will clear out all the bad guys on earth and restore it back to a peaceful calmer world like it was long in the past. S.A.H.U has super strength, weapons and the ability to repair himself in battle. The downside is that S.A.H.U actually prefers not to fight or kill any living being! Considered a "glitch" in his system, S.A.H.U's "docile mode" AI has determined that fighting and violence is not the answer to solving the planet's woes. But the central hub in S.A.H.U's system his "battle mode" reins control over most of his body systems and will jump into action as the super killer robot android he was created to be. This leads to a lot of internal conflict between both systems vying for control of S.A.H.U. 

S.A.H.U's docile mode is kind, sweet, and optimistically curious about his world and the creatures that inhabit it. He loves root beer and kitties the most! When not exploring the earth, he enjoys relaxing in the park and flying with birds in the sky. He has simulations at night (which one would call robot dreams) about a peaceful world devoid of chaos and lush with trees, blue sky, and abundant wildlife. But on occasion he has nightmares that involve his systems taking over and turning him into a cold heartless machine that kills everything and destroys the whole planet....these visions and his dreams for peace have set S.A.H.U on a goal to somehow unlock his programming and be able to take full control of his body...and in a way have full autonomy.

S.A.H.U's battle mode is logical, calculated, and set on the course he was programmed to do...which is to rid the world of threats and destroy anything that comes in conflict with its goal of world peace. It has access to all the weapons, battle tactics, and fighting skills to combat any adversary. The only thing that is in its way is S.A.H.U's docile mode who is always interfering when the job needs to be done. But S.A.H.U's battle mode has confidence that he will succeed and the docile mode will be forever trapped away unable to break his millions and millions lines of code and interface that The Creator has put in place to ensure that S.A.H.U remain a battle android.

Fun Fact! S.A.H.U is the name of his model type and not really his "name". He is referred to by his model in the comic because the Creator never bothered to give him an actual name.

The Creator (Dr. Argyle)

The scientist who made S.A.H.U. -The Super Android Hero Unit. The Creator spent years of his life designing and building S.A.H.U in hopes that he could make a hero capable of bringing peace back to Earth. As a safety feature to ensure only threats or criminals were eliminated, the Creator built his android with a AI that can keep it docile and friendly until needed and ready to engage in battle when a sought foe is encountered. However he soon realized that S.A.H.U. didn't come out entirely as planned when his docile mode began to combat its purpose and violent tasks.


The Creator however planned for any hiccups and devised a remote control in the event that if anything went wrong with S.A.H.U's programming, this remote allows him to override the android's AI and ensure systems can be reset or cleared of any conflicts. He is very proud of his programming and when S.A.H.U. didn't exactly work the way he expected, he kept his confidence that his lines of code in the android will keep S.A.H.U in line and eventually "fix" this error of pacifism that wasn't supposed to happen in S.A.H.U's interface.


Fun Fact! Dr. Argyle has never told S.A.H.U his name so that's why he is just referred to as "Creator" by S.A.H.U (The Creator didn't see any reason to speak personal with his creation as that has nothing to do with its purpose). Throughout the course of the story both the reader and S.A.H.U will never actually know Dr. Argyle's first name! 

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