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Character Bios

Trash the Chicken

Trash is a chicken with a troubled past. He was born to a little girl on Easter in New York City. But when the girl saw a naked featherless baby bird and not the cute and fluffy chick she imagined...she threw him away! Calling him "Trash" as she heartlessly tossed him in the garbage, Trash imprinted on the girl as his mother and though his name was "Trash". Sad and rejected, he crawled out of the garbage can and ran away deep into the alleys of New York. He survived by eating rats and toxic garbage...which turned him in a giant 6 ft mutant chicken with teeth. Soon Trash began eating hobos and stray dogs to satisfy his massive hunger.

It wasn't until he wandered into Central Park did he take cover and make that his permanent home. Trash has a big hatred for humans and thinks they are all heartless and deserve to be killed. He has a short temper and has murdered joggers, kids, and other animals in the park. But when he met Clash and made a friend, he has become more self conscious about his actions. Clash's kindness has given Trash 2nd thoughts that maybe he doesn't need to be as monstrous as he is...but when Clash is in any danger he cannot help but go back to his old ways to survive...with tooth and claws raging!

Fun Fact!

Trash is afraid of water because he cannot swim so he stays away from water when he can. His favorite food is worms and worm cake.

Clash the duck

Clash is an unusual duck. He was born with hot purple feathers and a neon green belly. Because of his looks the other ducks in the flock consider him a freak and rejected him from the group. As a result, Clash lived alone in Central Park and took shelter in a hole in a tree as his home. The day he met Trash in the park he didn't see anything wrong with the giant chicken and befriended him with some corn. Realizing that both had been rejected by society, they became friends and survive the dangers of the park as a duo. Clash is a naive somewhat clueless little duck who has a hard time understanding the judgement Trash receives from humans and other animals. But the kindness and unprejudiced nature that Clash gives to Trash is what may be the key to changing Trash's monstrous nature.


Clash enjoys dance and music and can bust a move better than any other duck in the park. He is also a big addict to corn and anything made with corn. He likes humans because they give him corn and bread in the park and the humans that see him praise his bright unique colored feathers. Trash however does not let Clash get too close to humans without guarding him from a distance...because he doesn't want anything to harm his only friend.

Fun Fact!

Clash has been watching humans for a while and has self taught himself the the ability to write a few words, read street signs, and even speak one or two human words! He is not proficient in any sense though...and Trash thinks it's a very dangerous thing to do!

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